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This is me on my first trip on Cruise To The Edge, 2018. An experience that has inspired me so much

My name is Sue Lumb. I was born in Maidstone, UK in 1961. I was a quiet, introverted child but had a vivid imagination. I still have! I get most satisfaction in life from being creative, be that writing, photography, cooking or making travel plans. I have been visually impaired since 2014 and only have usable vision in one eye. When this happened, I was at a new low in my life and could have given up but with God's help, I found the courage and determination to do something with my life.

UPDATE! I had a MIRACLE healing this year (2018) when my double vision and squint were healed! I still have foggy vision in my left eye but it is LOADS better and I now only see one image instead of two! The doctors are baffled. I was supposed to have eye muscle realignment surgery. Now I don't need it. Definitely a miracle. Amen!

My writing roots


Almost as soon as I could write, I was creating stories and poetry and found it easy and rewarding. As a young Mum I did write a whole book but it wasn't published. the same with short stories. I never gave up creating but I needed a breakthrough. So I wrote some song lyrics for a band I met on the cruise, and they have recorded the song. I now feel my time has come to shine! 

My style


I am easily inspired! Some of my writing comes from personal experiences and emotions, some of my work is spiritual and some ideas come from merely a title! I also like to take photos as well as write, and again, am inspired by things I see in a different perspective to others.

This website is called 'Reflections' because of the fact I reflect on things a lot, which creates some of my writing. And also because that is a theme for some of my photography.

Published Work!

New Release - Lazleitt


New album out soon by Lazleitt.   “Perpetually Under Idle Grounds” 

Lyrics for "The Owl and the Blue Rose" by Sue Lumb and Alex Lazcano






Site Content


Freelance work commissions

As well as showcasing what I have created, I am also looking to write material on request.  

I can write song lyrics, personal poems for loved ones, to go in greetings cards, quotes to go on social media. Eulogies.

Acknowledgements and thanks

Heartfelt thanks to Jorge Tenesini, Dennis Atlas and the band of Bad Dreams for making one of MY dreams come true, by putting some of my lyrics into one of their songs. I wish you or should I say US, huge success with Frozen Heart!

ALSO I must mention Cruise To The Edge 2018 which played a huge part in my new journey. And to Facebook for providing a platform to put me in touch with people all over the world, including musicians. I also thank the people online who have supported and encouraged me. 

Thanks to Bill Skipworth, another partially sighted writer in Sheffield, who is a devoted Christian and helped re ignite my faith, as well as encouraging me with my writing and radio broadcasting!

The Life Church in Maidstone for welcoming me back.

My family.

Neil Steadman of Bexhill for sharing a lot of music with me and intoducing me to Cruise To The Edge. Without him, none of this would have happened.

And to all the bands and musicians who have enriched my life. Established bands, new bands alike.

Thanks to Matthew Lumb who also appreciates my lyric writing and who is now working on an album with me! (see the page called LORBIS)

Thanks too to ALEX LAZCANO of Lazleitt who has put some of my lyrics into a song for the new album,   “Perpetually Under Idle Grounds” 

Feedback and testimonials

Thanks Dennis Atlas, of the band Bad Dreams!


Updates and News

Exciting times! The new album by Argentinian prog band, Bad Dreams, will be available SOON!

It features some of my lyrics so this is a huge honour!

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