Words that came to me when I was around nature

Now and then, I find myself with the time and opportunity to observe the beauty of nature. At times like those, words come to me and I create...


 A Little Garden...
I found a little garden

That overlooks the sea, 

Where grass and seashells marry,  

And the gulls and blackbirds feed.

Trees and grass look over  

Towards a close horizon,  

I watch the boats and say my thanks

For this view to set my eyes on.  

Waters calm,  the waves kiss the sand

And cradle the vessels in their mighty hands.  

Butterflies flit so silently,  

From the the rustling of the trees  

To the open sea.  

I feel so safe  

With no fear of harm.  

I'll treasure this    

Few moments of calm.
 © Susan Lumb 2018 

Fifty Shades of Blue and Green... 

A hundred calls of nature singing...

Seabirds, country feathered wings

Live side by side,  amongst what nature brings.  
Salty air,  A sky of blue,  No clouds in sight,  I think of you...  

If you were here,  instead of unseen,

  I'd share with you these shades of green,  

Where sky meets the sea and the grass shines so bright. 

It's oh, so quiet,    not a person in sight...  

The faintest breeze of warm summer air
Embraces my arms, my face, my hair,

And whispers through the budding trees,  

The blades of grass, the fluttering leaves. 

Barely a sound,  yet nature calls  

So softly, gently, and calming all  

To be still,  And breathe,  And live in the moment...  
Precious times like these  are Heaven sent.  
  © Susan Lumb 2018