Matthew Lumb and I ( a good friend I have known since 2008) have joined forces and created Lorbis. A musical duo. 

Matthew has been playing piano and keyboards since he was a child. He is extremely talented and has performed in two musical productions that were composed by John Hackett!

 I have been a creative writer most of my life and suggested to Matthew we write songs together - he to compose the music and me the lyrics and hopefully sing too!

I was inspired in 2018 to come up with an idea of songs that reflect that whatever age you are, never give up on your dreams and ambitions. I guess being in the 'Autumn' of my own life got me to thinking, hang on, I haven't achieved my life purpose yet!

2018 saw me rekindle my love and passion for music and I went to many gigs!

I have made friends online with many people including musicians and my creativity has just rocketed!

So Lorbis has been born...

We will be producing an album called 'Releaf' that will hopefully inspire people to never give up on their dreams....

Watch this space!

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